Sunday, September 03, 2006

A new beginning.....

So, here I am! Who would have thunk a few short years ago that I would be talking quilting online. I keep telling myself that if I spent less time online and more time in my quilting room that I'd have way more quilts to show for it.

Sometimes I feel just plain "brain dead" know that feeling when you are really wanting to quilt but if you even attempt it that you will either waste your fabric because it is all cut wrong or you will be missing a finger somewhere from a rotary cutting accident? Ya, that is when I'm at my best online. I love to search the world wide web for quilting inspiration (I think my hard drive has just a few too many pictures in the 'quilts I want to make' folder--hmmmm, will they ever get made??!!).

So, with all that said, here I am.......a new beginning for me online and hopefully a place for you to stop and pause when you really want to quilt but think of all your fingers as something you would like to keep for a while.